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Are Cross Bars Universal? - Mountain Top Australia

Are Cross Bars Universal?

Mountain Top Cross Bars are an essential accessory for anyone looking to maximise their ute's cargo capacity. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast transporting bikes and surfboards or a tradesman needing to secure tools and materials, these bars are indispensable. This article will address the key questions about the universality and compatibility of Cross Bars for ute beds, focusing on Mountain Top's Cross Bars, which epitomise functionality and versatility.

What Are Cross Bars?

Cross Bars are horizontal bars that span the width of a ute's bed. They provide a stable platform for carrying various items, ensuring the load is evenly distributed and securely attached. Commonly used for transporting bulky items that don't fit inside the vehicle. These include bicycles, adventure gear, timber, and other large items. They are crucial for trips or jobs where extra storage is needed, allowing you to bring along everything you need without compromising interior space.

Types of Cross Bars

Factory-installed cross bars are specifically designed by the vehicle manufacturer for a perfect fit. They often come pre-installed or as an optional add-on. Aftermarket options, such as those from Mountain Top, offer a wider range of styles and functionalities, often at a lower cost. However, they might require more effort to ensure a proper fit.

Cross bars are made from aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight and resistant to rust, making it a popular choice. Designs vary from aerodynamic shapes that minimise wind noise and wind resistance to adjustable models that can fit different vehicle widths.

Are Cross Bars Universal?

Several factors influence the compatibility of cross bars, including the make and model of the ute, the type of bed cover (such as roll covers), and the dimensions of the cross bars. Utes with factory-installed mounting points have specific requirements that might limit your choices. Mountain Top Cross Bars seamlessly fit into the accessory channel of any Mountain Top Roll Cover, offering an added layer of convenience. Their unique locking mechanism guarantees your cargo remains protected, preventing unauthorised access and providing peace of mind.

Adjustable cross bars can fit a broader range of vehicles due to their customisable width and attachment mechanisms. However, the term "universal" can be misleading, as even adjustable bars have limitations and may not fit all utes perfectly. It is crucial to check the maximum fitting width specifications and compatibility guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

How to Choose the Right Cross Bars


Start by examining your ute’s bed. Identify whether you have a roll cover or another type of bed cover. If you have a Mountain Top Roll Cover, our Cross Bars will fit perfectly on your ute, providing an ideal match for your needs.

If you don't have a Mountain Top Roll Cover, you'll need to measure the width of your ute’s bed to determine the necessary length of the cross bars. Ensure the bars you choose can extend to fit this measurement. Proper fitting is essential for safety and functionality.

Always consult the manufacturer’s guide and compatibility charts before purchasing. These resources provide crucial information on which cross bars are suitable for your specific ute model. If you don't have a Mountain Top Roll Cover, consulting these guides becomes even more important to ensure a secure and efficient fit, adding extra steps to the selection process.

Benefits of Mountain Top Cross Bars

Cross bars significantly increase a vehicle's cargo capacity, allowing you to carry more gear and equipment than would fit inside the vehicle alone. This is especially useful for long trips and outdoor adventures.

Cross bars offer great versatility, making it easy to transport various items. They can accommodate different attachments and carriers, such as bike racks, ski racks, adapting to your changing needs.

Mountain Top's Cross Bars are crafted from high-quality aluminium, making them both lightweight and durable. This material choice, combined with sturdy construction, ensures they can withstand harsh conditions without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

The unique design of these Cross Bars features quick-release functionality, allowing for swift and effortless installation. This also makes it easy to stow them away when not in use, saving you valuable time and effort.

Cross bars are incredibly versatile, accommodating major rack systems with ease. Whether you're transporting bikes, adventure gear, timber, or heavy items, Mountain Top's Cross Bars can handle the task with a robust 75kg load capacity.

Mountain Top Cross Bars seamlessly fit into the accessory channel of Mountain Top Roll Covers, offering an added layer of convenience. This integration ensures a cohesive look and easy use.

With a unique locking mechanism, these Mountain Top Cross Bars guarantee your cargo remains protected, preventing unauthorised access and providing peace of mind.


Cross bars are invaluable for enhancing a ute's cargo capacity and versatility. While not entirely universal, understanding the compatibility factors and choosing the right type and fit can ensure they meet your needs. If you already own a Mountain Top Tonneau Cover, Mountain Top's Cross Bars will seamlessly fit your ute, offering convenience and reliability.

When shopping for Cross Bars, consider your ute’s specifications and your transportation requirements. Consult manufacturer guides and measure accurately to find the best fit. Investing in Mountain Top's Cross Bars will provide convenience, reliability, and enhanced functionality for all your transportation needs.

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